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The Power of Native Plants

Native plants possess an incredible power! Plants native to our region actually develop a mutually beneficial relationship with other plants, animals and insects that are necessary to the healthy balance of nature.

“The Power of Native Plants”, Carol Peoples' illuminating presentation, illustrates the vital importance of these relationships, how they are developed, and how we can create a welcoming habitat for birds, butterflies and bees.

For more information on native plants, please go to Additional resources are list below.


Nature’s Best Hope  Dr. Tallamy is an entomologist and wildlife ecologist with the University of Delaware.

Landscaping for Wildlife with Native Plants  Debbie Roos is an agent with the Chatham County Cooperative Extension. She has developed an amazing Pollinator Paradise demonstration garden in Pittsboro, NC. 

Impacts of Invasive Plant Species on our Native Ecosystem: AN INSPIRING DISCUSSION with DOUG TALLAMY

Creating and Managing Habitat for Native Bees-Heather Holm, Author and Biologist- 


Get them for the cost of membership ($25/year) at NCNPS Central Coastal Plain Chapter's native plant swap & shares. Members are invited, even if they don't have anything to swap.

Look for different counties' Master Gardener sales in the Spring- they often have at least some natives.

Spring and Fall sales at the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill.North Carolina Botanical Garden (

Native Plant Festival/Sale in Wilmington each September.

The only native plant nursery in our region is a small one called  Above the Briery, in Kinston. The owner is one of the co-leaders of our NCNPS chapter. Beautiful healthy plants.

Shelton Herb Farm Wilmington, NC

Rachels Native Plants – Native Plants of the Southeast  Pittsboro

Sorrell's Lawn Care & Nursery, 1731 Turlington Rd, Dunn, NC 28334, Facebook page Sorrell's Nursery

Some of the regular nurseries may have the more common native plants- but be sure to look for botanical names. If they are not marked- don't buy them. 


  • Bringing Nature Home: How You can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants- Doug Tallamy

  • Nature's Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in Your Yard - Doug Tallamy

  • Gardening with Native Plants of the South- Sally Wasowski

  • Native Plants of the Southeast- Larry Mellichamp

  • Prarie Up: Introduction to Natural Garden Design- Ben Vogt


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