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Plastic Free By the Sea

What can you do to help reduce single-use plastics that pollute our environment?

Plastics, mostly single-use, proliferate our daily existence, environment, and ecosystems. Microplastic particles are found in the air we breathe and the water we drink! These particles expose us to a multitude of toxic substances. And, the production of these products pollute our communities, often Black, Brown and


Sierra Club spokesperson and environmentalist, Caprice Pratt, discusses the history, the severity of the problem, and how we can help. Caprice details, by example and in real time, how she has reduced her plastics usage by more than 80%! The video will show how she reuses an old favorite t-shirt that has out-lasted it's wearablity, fashioned with only a pair of scissors, to simply and quickly turn into a washable marketing bag. She also offers a list of website links to earth friendly products to help you reduce your plastic usage, too!

We must act to regulate plastics at all levels - from production, to transportation, to use, and to disposal. The era of single-use plastics in our everyday lives is one that needs to be relegated to the past - and quickly.

Carolina Nature Coalition was pleased to host this enjoyable and informative presentation. We are sure, after watching the 30 minute video, you will be prepared to be part of the solution. Enjoy!

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