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GOING WILD!! with Community Science

Karen Clark, Coastal Community Science Specialist with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, conducts several projects which rely on public volunteers to contribute to monitoring and conservation efforts. In this dynamic presentation, Karen presents some of the Agency's active volunteer projects along the coast.

From bats to birds, sea turtles to frogs, Karen presents a community science sampler and answers questions about ways for you to become involved.

Karen Clark (or KC) has worked with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission for 17 years. She was director of Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education in Corolla, NC where she initiated a line of programs to train and support volunteers contributing to monitoring efforts of NC biologists. A year ago, she took a new position with WRC to support the agency's Wildlife Diversity community science efforts up and down the coast. Her primary area of expertise has been sea turtles and marine mammals but she has enjoyed expanding her experiences with the diverse programs in which the agency is involved.

KC lives in the northern Outer Banks with her husband, two young sons, and Frizzle...the dog.

"Great attention gets paid to rainforests because of the diversity of life there. Diversity in the oceans is even greater". - Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer


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