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Environmental Justice, Climate Justice, and the Fight Against Environmental Racism

"We must establish a strong recommitment to continue and deepen work around climate justice, energy justice, and environmental justice" - William J. Barber III, J.D. (bio)

"Justice for our planet and justice for all people are two profound conversations that are happening simulaneously, but often in different rooms. The interconnectedness of daily human life and the state of the Earth often goes unexamined, but at this point in human history we cannot afford to separate these conversations."*

"Issues that impact the environment have impacts on the people who live there as well. And when some people have access to resources that help them relieve those impacts while other don't, that becomes a social justice issue."*

William J. Barber III is an environmental and climate scholar and advocate committed to understanding how modern climate investment can serve as a vehicle to redress historic social inequities.

In this presentation, Mr. Barber discusses the science of climate change, the impact on the planet and the upheaval on its inhabitants. William offers community solutions including his involvement with the formation of the Rural Beacon Initiative, and his work in the American Green Bank movement that drives clean investments into historically underserved communities.

A question and answer session follows William Barber's presentation.

"Those least responsible for climate change are worst affected by it." - Vandana Shiva


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