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Electric Vehicles...Life Beyond Gasoline

"Electric vehicles are silently driving their way in the hearts of new drivers." - Unknown Author

Joel Dunn, a North Carolina native, "energized" Carolina Nature Coalition and guests, by providing challenges and the answers of owning an electric vehicle and he discussed the reality of whether one is right for you now.

A lifelong outdoorsman and environmentalist, Joel and his family are an "all EV" household, driving an all electric car and all electric truck. Additionally, their home in Emerald Isle has had a solar plus battery storage system since 2018. They have traveled around the Southeast using electricity instead of gasoline...and it works!

Joel tracks industry developments in both renewable energy and EVs. He is Chair of the Croatan Group of the North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club, and Secretary of the Board of Coastal Carolina Riverwatch.

Joel's professional career was as a software engineer, both in the private sector and in the University of North Carolina System. Additionally, Joel taught for 20 years as an adjunct in UNC Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science. He has degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill. Joel has been retired since the end of 2013.


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