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Carolina Nature Coalition Presented....

Susannah Tuttle, Director, NC Interfaith Power and Light

On Tuesday, November 23, 2021

...folks met via ZOOM or some in person at :

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

308 Meadows St. New Bern

In Eastern North Carolina we have already seen the effects of climate change on increasing and strengthening hurricanes, and impending sea level rise. Are we prepared for future events?

Susannah Tuttle, director of NC Interfaith Power and Light, part of the NC Council of Churches, brought us the latest news from the UN Climate Conference COP26 which had just concluded in Glasgow, Scotland. She served as the US anchor for her group's members who attended the conference. Susannah also provided guidance on what we can do to protect our planet and its people.

To watch this recorded presentation click the link below :


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