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Still in the midst of COVID the Carolina Nature Coalition continued furthered it's knowledge, by using technology to reach out to members.

Many folks joined the Carolina Nature Coalition for a Film Viewing and Discussion virtually.


The effects of climate change are unfolding before our eyes as hurricanes, wildfires, floods, subzero temperatures, and tornadoes ravage the nation and the globe. Many communities who survive climate disasters do so with limited to no resources and are often struggling to recover before the next disaster hits. Equitable disaster preparedness and recovery is increasingly urgent as COVID-19 further exposes cracks in the system.

Working Films organized the virtual viewing of the film; helping us with the poster below and managing the RSVP and finial invitations.


Moderated by: Michael Schachter


Naeema Muhammed and the NC Environmental Justice Network,

Talina Massey from NAACP

Rev. Robbie Phillips, Disaster Recovery Director of the Carteret Long Term Recovery Alliance

Allison Dunn, activist affected by Florence.

If you missed the Discussion you can watch it here.

This event was CO~SPONSORED BY:

Croatan Sierra Club

Craven County NAACP

NC Environmental Justice Network

Working Films

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