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New Bern High School "The Green Team"

New Bern High School students "The Green Team" talked about their current and past activities.

These include working at the Riverbend Organic Garden and the NBHS greenhouse, hosting and celebrating Earth Week, volunteering for the Craven County Clean Sweep, and litter pick-up on campus.

In addition, CNC members facilitate a discussion with the students and attendees about their thoughts and viewpoints of the environment.

The presentation was led by Club President Nat Par Lend

The “Green Team” was started in 2003 by Sandra Parker, Science Department Chair. Sandy has an MS in Environmental Education and Conservation and leads the “Green Team” and the Girls and Women in STEM careers in addition to her teaching.


Katy Langley Hunt

Lower Neuse Riverkeeper

Sound Rivers took 5 minutes.

The EPA's new "Waters of the US" rule

was released this week and it's not good in the slightest.

Katy provided a short update on this new rule.

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