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Craven County Water Treatment Plant Tour

On Jul 17, 2019 a group of Craven County residents traveled to 280 Mill Dam Rd, New Bern, NC to visit the Craven County Water Treatment Plant. We met with Elliot Thomas.

The tour included a walk to the wellhead pulling raw water from the Castle-Hayne aquifer. From there we went into the office where Elliot explained the software that is the brain of the operation. Once inside the plant we viewed the complex membrane filtration system. An extensive network of pipes transferred raw water and then finished water to the proper destinations. Once filtered, the water moved to various testing and treatment stations throughout the facility and into the distribution system. In the end we sampled “fresh” water directly from the system. All agreed that it was a very informative visit.

The Carolina Nature Coalition meets every month for informative Environmental topics. In the summer months we plan field trips.

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