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The Whys & Hows of Composting and Recycling

A group of about 25 New Bern residents arrived at the Harrison Center for the Carolina Nature Coalitions's November's meeting.

Carol and Don Ostler explained as well as demonstrate the methods of composting that they use to reduce their carbon footprint. The Ostlers have been concerned about the amount of waste going into our landfills and even our oceans. By transforming their food waist into organic soil for their gardens , they feel they are doing their part.

Carol and Don also took the time to review the Recycling guidelines in Craven County.

Great Reasons to Compost Food Scraps and Yard Waste

SAVE MONEY – Converting your food scraps and yard trimmings to compost saves on buying soil amendments and fertilizers. Homeowners who discard yard waste are giving away their yards’ potential soil nutrients.

SAVE TIME – Discarding yard waste to a compost pile is often faster than bagging and bundling for a streetside pickup.

REDUCE TRASH DISPOSAL – Your community will need less landfill space and incinerator capacity. Less pollution will be emitted by landfills and waste-hauling trucks

EDUCATIONAL – Learning about composting and natural processes is interesting for people young or old. Children can learn to conserve natural resources through composting activities. It’s a great way to teach natural sciences.

Refresh you Recycling Skills

There is a finite amount of landfill space available for future generations. Let's make better choices in what we purchase and be responsible in how we dispose of our waste.

Recycling in Craven County is an option - Let's keep up to date.

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